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Tinker Rasor Model SB-1 SB-2 Soilboxes

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Detil Produk Tinker Rasor Model SB-1 SB-2 Soilboxes

Model: SB-1, SB-2,  SoilboxesSB-1 Conforms to ASTM G57SB-2 Conforms to AASHTO T-288SB-1 SB-2 SB-1 Features(4) Brass Pins(2) Banana Plug Leads, Red(2) Banana Plug Leads, BlackSB-1 IncludesSB-1 SoilboxCables with banana plug leadsSB-2 Features(2) Stainless Steel plates(2) Stainless
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Detil Produk

Model: SB-1, SB-2,  Soilboxes

SB-1 Conforms to ASTM G57

SB-2 Conforms to AASHTO T-288



SB-1 Features

  • (4) Brass Pins

  • (2) Banana Plug Leads, Red

  • (2) Banana Plug Leads, Black

SB-1 Includes

  • SB-1 Soilbox

  • Cables with banana plug leads

SB-2 Features

  • (2) Stainless Steel plates

  • (2) Stainless Steel connectors

SB-2 Includes

  • SB-2 Soilbox

  • Cable set with clamps


  • Wenner 4 Pin Method

  • Pin "Fall of Potential" Method

  • 2 Pin Method

  • Geological Studies

  • Archeological Studies


  • Soil Resistivity Instruments


  • #026-068 SB-2 Leads 

  • #026-073 SB-1 Leads 

SR-2 Soil Resitivity Meter 

Available Accessories

  • #073-083 Soil Pin: 3/16"x 18" Stainless Steel 

  • #026-094 Reel & Cable  Dual reel wiring system offers a maximum pin spacing, with respect to a 4-pin linear array (Wenner methodology), of 120 ft (approx. 40 meters). Both reels are positioned at the center of the linear array, as opposed to at one end, and each reel has a 180 ft long wire and a 60 ft long wire.


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