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Main controller Built in type PNP LK G5001PV

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Detil Produk Main controller Built in type PNP LK G5001PV

Controller ICJual Main controller Built in type PNP LK G5001PV ModelLK-G5001PV*1*2Separate typeLK-G5001P/LK-HD500TypeMain controllerSensor head compatibilityCompatibleNo. of connectable sensor heads2DisplayMinimum display unitLK-HD500: 0.001 µmDisplay rangeLK-HD500: ±999.999 &
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Pencarian Main controller Built in type PNP LK G5001PV
Detil Produk

Controller IC

Jual Main controller Built in type PNP LK G5001PV 



Separate type



Main controller

Sensor head compatibility


No. of connectable sensor heads



Minimum display unit

LK-HD500: 0.001 µm

Display range

LK-HD500: ±999.999 µm to ±9,999.99 mm (7 settings selectable)

Display cycle

LK-HD500: Approx 10 times/sec.

Display interface

Display port

Either the display unit (LK-HD500) or dedicated touch panel (LK-HD1001) can be connected

LED indicator


Terminal block

Analog output voltage

±10 V output, Output impedance: 100 Ω

Analog current output

4 to 20 mA, Maximum load resistance: 350 Ω

No. of analog outputs


TIMING 1 input

Voltage input*3

RESET 1 input

Auto-zero 1 input

Laser control input

Voltage input*4

Laser remote input

Non-voltage input

Alarm output

PNP open-collector output

General comparator output

Expansion connector

TIMING input

Voltage input

RESET input

Auto-zero input

Program switching input

Binary selection input

Alarm output

PNP open-collector output

Comparator output

Binary output

RS-232C interface

Baud rate: 9,600 to 115,200 bps
Data length: 8 bits, Stop bit length: 1 bit, Parity: None/even/odd

USB interface

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compliant*5

Ethernet interface



Cyclic communication (implicit messaging)
Message communication (explicit messaging) : UCMM and Class3 Number of connections: 32 Complies with conformance test version CT14*7

Head expansion unit connector

Up to 10 head expansion units can be connected to one main controller

Expansion unit connector

Either of the CC-Link unit (LK-CC100) or DeviceNetTM unit (LK-DN100) can be connected

Power supply

Power supply voltage

24 VDC ±10 %

Maximum current consumption

0.6 A or less with 1 head/3.5 A or less with 12 heads

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

When one or less head expansion unit is connected: 0 to +50 °C 32 to 122 °F.
When two or more head expansion units are connected: 0 to +40 °C 32 to 104 °F.

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


Approx. 600 g

*1 PNP open-collector output rating: 50 mA max. (30 V max.), Residual voltage: 0.5 V max.
Voltage input rating: Maximum input rating: 26.4 V, ON voltage: 10.2 V, OFF current: 0.6 mA
*2 Part of the input/output circuit of the LK-G5000 Series is internally common. Be careful that no potential difference is generated between the internally common terminals due to the potential difference between the cables/external devices. For details, refer to "Precautions on wiring" in the User's Manual.
*3 This input is applied to all of the synchronized OUT.
*4 When the laser class 3B sensor head is connected, a key-operated switch must be used for the input to this terminal. The laser is emitted only when the key-operated switch is set to the ON position. (Select a key which can be removed only when it is set to the OFF position.)
When the laser class 2/3R sensor head is connected, the laser turns on when this terminal is opened and turns off when it is short-circuited.
*5 When a PC supporting USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 full speed is connected, the data refresh cycle and other operations may slow down.
*6 Use the Ethernet interface only for direct connections with a PC or for local network connections with a PC or LK-G5000 Series units.
*7 The EtherNet/IPTM interface cannot be used when a CC-Link unit or a DeviceNetTM unit is installed.
EtherNet/IPTM is supported by the latest controllers. For details on which controllers support EtherNet/IPTM , contact your nearest KEYENCE office.