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Mesin Incinerator

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Update Terakhir 07 Agt 2019
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PT Metalindo Prima Engineering

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Jl. KH Zainal Mustafa No. 17

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Jual Mesin IncineratorTechnical featuresCapacity range50 – 1.000 kg/hType of Waste• Hospitals and clinics• Pharmaceutical plants• Veterinary facilities• Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)• Industrial Waste• Shipboard Waste• Pathological/Animal Carcass Waste• Ot
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Technical features
Capacity range
50 – 1.000 kg/h
Type of Waste
• Hospitals and clinics
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Veterinary facilities
• Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
• Industrial Waste
• Shipboard Waste
• Pathological/Animal Carcass Waste
• Other waste types
Specific Heat Content of Waste
0 - 40 MJ/kg - depending on waste type
Liquifier Type
Atomizing Nozzle with Compress air mix.
Incinerator Operating features
• Batch or Continuously 8 - 24 h/day
• Intermittent one or two shift operation
Operating Temperatures
• Primary Chamber: 600 - 850 °C
• Secondary Chamber: min. 800 °C, 1.100 °C, 1200 °C or other minimum tempe- rature depending on regulation
• Retention time: 2 seconds
Flue Gas System - optional
• Water- or steam boiler with energy recovery system
• Flue gas treatment system designed according to waste composition and requirements, i.e.: - Dry scrubber
- Wet scrubber - Ceramic filter - Or a combination of the above
• ID-fan
• Stack
Control system
Fully automatic C/W temperature display indicator .