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Horiba TPNA-500 Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring

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Detil Produk Horiba TPNA-500 Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring

Horiba TPNA-500 Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus MonitoringFeaturesAdoption of stain resistant measurement systemWhile adopting a reduced reagent volume (1/10) realized by our conventionalmodel, employing a new measurement method (meniscus measurementmethod) and enhanced automatic washing functio
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Horiba TPNA-500 Automatic Total Nitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring


  • Adoption of stain resistant measurement system
    While adopting a reduced reagent volume (1/10) realized by our conventional
    model, employing a new measurement method (meniscus measurement
    method) and enhanced automatic washing functions (optional) have been
    achieved, contributing to lengthening the maintenance cycle.
  • Reduction in power consumption by approximately 30%,
    and pure water and waste water to 1/2

    We have reduced the cost for electricity, use of pure water and waste water
    treatment (including labor) as well as environmental burden (as compared
    with our conventional product).
  • A variety of washing functions
    sampling point backwash purge function,
    line washing function during reagent change, automatic sample line
    washing function*2
  • Ultraviolet oxidation decomposition method
    Domestic market share of approximately 60%. No. 1 in the industry*3
  • Color touch panel
    Improved visibility and operability.
  • A built-in load volume operation function
  • USB data output port

*1_Life Cycle Cost (LCC): Total cost required from purchase to disposal of a product. Total sum of product cost, installation cost, utility cost (electricity and water), running cost (reagent, waste water treatment, parts and man-hours), maintenance cost (regular overhauls and irregular man-hours), dismantling cost, disposal cost, etc.
*2_Hydraulic acid washing is optional.



Automatic TotalNitrogen/Phosphorus Monitoring System



External dimensions*1

460(W) mm×385 mm(D)×1600 mm(H)


Approx. 90 kg


AC 100 V240 V±10%  50/60 Hz

Electric power consumption

AC 100 V240 V:約250 VA

Measuring range*2

Total phosphorus


Within ±3%full scale (Total nitrogen full scale50 mgN/Lor lower and Total phosphorus full scale10 mgP/Lor lower
Within ±5% full scale (Total nitrogen full scale
1001000 mgN/L and Total phosphorusfull scale20250mgP/L)  
Condition: using standardized solution


Totalnitrogen: Alkaline potassium peroxodisulfate UV oxidation ― UV absorptionmethod
Total phosphorus: Potassium peroxodisulfate UV oxidation ― molybdenum blueabsorption method

Number ofmeasured components

1 point(standard), 2 points (optional)

Number ofmeasuring ranges *3

1 range(standard), 2 ranges (optional)


60 minutes




Relativehumidity  85% or lower (no condensation)

Samplewater conditions *4,5,6,7,8

Temperature:2 to 40 (without freezing)
Flow rate: 0.5 to 5 L/min (Case using OF-3 or OF-4),  5
20L/minCase usingOF-30 or OF-40

Pure water
Conditions of tap water supply

Usagevolume: 43 L/month *This may increase/decrease depending on the measurementrange
Condition: When pure water is supplied by a customer, shoud be JISK0557(1998) A2 or higher and should not contain nitrogen or phosphoruscompounds.
When using deionizer, adherence to criteria of tap water in Water Supply Actis required.
Supply method: Fixed water tank (standard), continuous supply via pure watersupply system (optional)
Supply pressure


LCD colortouch panel display


Standard:TP, TN load calculation,  Optional: COD, 2 points load calculation


Measurementvalues(including daily report and time signal): more than 1 year, Number of alarm records: 100,  Number of calibration records: 100,Number of operation records: 100
The data can be exported through USB interface.


Standard:RS -485, Optional: RS-232C




Standard(58 mm); with automatic take-up device.

*1_Compatible with the channel base of former products TPNA-300/PN-100 series (standard)
*2_0.2 ≤ total nitrogen full scale/total phosphorus full scale ≤ 100
*3_The first range shall be low concentrations, and for the same components measured, 1 ≤ second range full scale/first range full scale ≤ 50.
*4_A seawater adjustment function (optional) is available for when seawater is mixed in.
*5_A sample line chemical washing function (optional) is also available depending on sample conditions.
*6_The auxiliary overflow tank can be installed to the right or left or at the back of the system main body.
*7_The auxiliary overflow tank should be within 1m from the system main body.
*8_Should not contain components that affect measurement such as metal ions.
*9_When tap water is supplied, make sure to conduct flushing for approximately 30 minutes before introducing tap water into equipment.
*10_Modbus® is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation Inc.

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