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Honeywell 6148EX KEYPAD LCD

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Honeywell 6148EX KEYPAD LCDSpesifikasi : Fixed-English LCD displays system status at a glance, making operation easier than ever·         Compact and easy to install·         Soft-touch rubbe
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Honeywell 6148EX KEYPAD LCD

Spesifikasi :

 Fixed-English LCD displays system status at a glance, making operation easier than ever

·         Compact and easy to install

·         Soft-touch rubber keys are continuously back lit for greater visibility

·         Piezoelectric sounder with audible beeps to indicate system status and entry/exit delay

·         System functions clearly labeled on telephone style keypad

·         Three separate dual buttons can be programmed to contact fire, police or emergency response personnel with a single touch

·         System functions can be easily performed using a "security code + command" entry

·         Stylish white keypad with removable door blends with any décor  

·         Contoured removable door lets you customize keypad for the look you want 

Compact and cost-effective, Honeywell’s 6148 Fixed-English keypad features an easy-to-read, fixed-English LCD that makes operation simple, as well as a stylish, contemporary design that seamlessly blends with the rest of the product line—giving both end-users and dealers more options when cost is a concern.

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