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Instek GSP 830 9kHz ~ 3GHz Spectrum Analyzers

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Detil Produk Instek GSP 830 9kHz ~ 3GHz Spectrum Analyzers

Features* Low Noise Floor(-117dBm@1GHz, 3k RBW)* Sequence Programming Functions * ACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N-dB and Phase Jitter Measurements * 10 Markers with Delta Marker, Peak Functions * AC/DC/Battery(Option)three modes of power supply* USB/RS-232C/GPIB(Option) Interface *
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* Low Noise Floor(-117dBm@1GHz, 3k RBW)
* Sequence Programming Functions 
* ACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N-dB and Phase Jitter Measurements 
* 10 Markers with Delta Marker, Peak Functions 
* AC/DC/Battery(Option)three modes of power supply
* USB/RS-232C/GPIB(Option) Interface 
* 6.4" TFT Color LCD, Resolution: 640x480 
* Optional Tracking Generator 
* Optional Preamplifier

3GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Featuring high performance, uncompromised design, and remote monitoring software, the GSP-830 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer is the latest evolution from GWInstek. The GSP-830 is one of the most advanced Spectrum Analyzer GWInstek has produced to date. The GSP-830 has an exceptional noise floor of -152dBm/Hz; combined with the optional GAP-802 preamplifier, the noise floor can reach a remarkable -172dBm/Hz. With a low noise floor, the GSP-830 is more than capable of finding limits; Trace Detection, combined with an easy-to-use interface, makes the GSP-830 an ideal solution for spectrum analysis. Using the Auto Sequence mode, advanced users can define their own macros in 10 Sequence sets. Repeat or Single run mode can be used to streamline repetitive tasks. PC connection is effortless and versatile supporting USB host/device, RS232C, VGA and GPIB (optional) for remote monitoring, control and analysis.


Frequency Range

9kHz ~ 3GHz

Aging Rate

± 10ppm, 0~50°C, 5ppm/yr

Span Range

2kHz ~ 3GHz in 1-2-5 sequence, full span, zero span

Phase Noise

-80dBc/Hz @1GHz 20kHz offset typical

Sweep Time Range

50ms ~ 25.6s


RBW Range

3kHz, 30kHz, 300kHz, 4MHz

RBW Accuracy


Video Bandwidth Range

10Hz ~ 1MHz in 1-3 steps


Measurement Range

-103dBm ~ +20dBm: 1MHz ~ 15MHz, Ref.Level @ -30dBm 
-117dBm ~ +20dBm: 15MHz ~ 1GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
-114dBm ~ +20dBm: 1GHz ~ 3GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
(Span = 50kHz, RBW = 3kHz)

Overload Protection

Max. +30dBm, ±25VDC

Reference Level Range

-110dBm ~ +20dBm


±1dB @100MHz

Frequency Flatness


Display Range Linearity

±1dB over 70dB


Average Noise Floor

<-135±1dBm/Hz: 1MHz ~ 15MHz, Ref.Level @ -30dBm 
<-149dBm/Hz, typical -152dBm/Hz: 15MHz ~ 1GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
<-146dBm/Hz, typical -149dBm/Hz: 1GHz ~ 3GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm

Third Inter-Modulation

<-70dBc RF Input @-40dBm, Ref.Level @-30dBm

Harmonic Distortion

<-60dBc RF Input <-40dBm Typical, Ref.Level @-30dBm

Non-Harmonic Spurious

<-93dBm, 1MHz ~ 15MHz, Ref.Level @-30dBm
<-107dBm ~ +20dBm: 15MHz ~ 1GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
<-104dBm ~ +20dBm: 1GHz ~ 3GHz, Ref.Level ≧-110dBm 
(Span = 50kHz, RBW = 3kHz)



640 x 480 high resolution TFT color LCD

Split Windows

Active Window: Upper, Lower or Alternate (two simultaneously sweeping windows)


10 Markers for peaks: 5 normal-delta marker pairs
Functions: Delta, To Peak, To Minimum, Peak Track, Peak Table, Peak Sort

Trace Detection

3 traces with Peak, Maximum hold, Freeze, Average, Trace math

Power Measurement

ACPR, OCBW, Channel Power, N dB and Phase Jitter

Autoset Function

Auto tuning the measurement result for observation


Conditions: Video, External (Positive-going, +5V TTL external signal) 
Mode: Normal, Single, Continuous


Automated test by user-defined macros without any remote controller, 10 Sequential macro set and 10 macros per each set, Variable delays and wait-to-go facilitate automated measurement, Do-sequence links and nests different sequence sets.


RF Input

N female, 50Ω nominal
RF input VSWR: <2:1, @0dBm Reference Level

External Reference

Type: BNC female

Clock Input

1M, 1.544M, 2.048M, 5M, 10M, 10.24M, 13M, 15.36M, 15.4M, 19.2MHz

Reference Clock Output

Type: BNC female, 10MHz

DC Input (DC Power Operation)

Jack : 5.5mm, 12V

DC Output (for GAP-801)

Type: SMB Male, outputs +9V/100mA Max.



Sub-D 9 pins female

USB Connector

USB Host/Device full speed supported

VGA Output

Front panel: Type A receptacle for USB flash devices

Option: GPIB Interface

Fully programmable with IEEE 488.2 compliance




AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz



User Manual x 1
Power Cord x 1
USB Cable (Type A plug to Type mini-B plug) x1



330(W) x 170(H) x 340(D) mm
Approx. 6kg

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