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Water Softener Filter Softener Filter Used To Remove Hardness/Eliminate The Lime Content Of Calcium And Magnesium By Way Of Exchange Of Ions Ca2 +/Mg2 +. This Cation Ion Exchange Continued In The Tube To The Softener Resins The Cation Saturation. At The Time Of Resin Cation Saturation Then The
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Water Softener Filter


Softener Filter Used To Remove Hardness/Eliminate The Lime Content Of Calcium And Magnesium By Way Of Exchange Of Ions Ca2 +/Mg2 +. This Cation Ion Exchange Continued In The Tube To The Softener Resins The Cation Saturation. At The Time Of Resin Cation Saturation Then The Resin Can Be Used Again After The Resin Be Regenerated Using Salt Nacl.

To Place Your Softener Fiter Needs, Please Inform Us The Total Hardness Of Water Discharge, Baku, Baku And The Kind Of Water Filter Operating Time, Then We'll Hitungkan The Magnitude Of The Water Filter That Fits Your Needs.

Softener Filter Available For Households And Industry, With Manual Or Automatic Operation System.

Hub: Cv Mitra Water Tel: 031-5452872 Fax: 031-5355728, Mobile: 081234590404, 03181118112, 085733669931, Bb Pin: 33215Ce3 Email: Marketing@Supplierfilterair.Com Website: https://supplierfilterair.com

Malang: JL. Temple Telaga Fragrant No.48 Malang. HP: 082233334224

Water Hardness Is Kandunganmineral-Certain Minerals In The Water, Generally Calcium Ions (Ca) And Magnesium (Mg) In The Form Of Salt Carbonates. Hard Water Or Hard Water Is Water That Has High Mineral Levels, While The Soft Water Is Water With A Low Mineral Content. In Addition To The Calcium Ions And Magnesium, The Hardness Can Also Cause The Other Metal Ions Or Salts Bicarbonate And Sulfate. The Simplest Method For Determining The Hardness Of Water Is With Soap. In The Soft Water, Soap Will Generate A Lot Of Foam. In Hard Water, Soap Foam Will Not Produce Or Produces Very Little Foam. A More Complex Way Is Through Titration. Total Water Hardness Is Expressed In Units Of Ppm Weight Per Volume (W/V) Of Caco3.

Hard Water Is Not So Dangerous To Drink, But Can Cause Some Problems. Hard Water Can Cause Mineral Deposition, Which Clog Up The Pipes And Faucets. Hard Water Also Causes A Waste Of Soap In Households, And Water Mixed Hard Soap Can Form Clumps Of Scum That Is Difficult To Be Removed. In Industry, The Hardness Of Water Used Watched Closely To Prevent Losses. To Eliminate The Hardness Is Usually Used A Variety Of Chemical Substances, Or By Using Ion Exchange Resin

Hard Water Is Classified Into Two Types, Based On The Type Of Anion Bound By Cations (Ca2 + Or Mg2 +), Namely Hard Water Hard Water Temporarily And Remain.

Hard water Hard Water Hard Water Is Temporarily Containing Bicarbonate Ion (Hco3-), Or may be The Water Contains Calcium Bicarbonate (Ca (Hco3) 2) and Bicarbonate or Magnesium (Mg (Hco3) 2). Water Containing Ions Or Compounds Is Called Hard Water While Because Kesadahannya Can Be Removed By Heating The Water, So The Water Is Free From Ions Ca2 + And Mg2 + Or. With The Warming Of These Compounds Will Settles At The Base Of The Kettle. The reactions that occur are: Ca (Hco3) 2 (Aq) – Caco3 (S) + H2o (L) + Co2 (G)

Hard Water Hard Water Remains Fixed Is Hard Water Which Is Bicarbonate Ions Other Than Anions, E.g. Can Be Either A Cl-Ion, No3-And So42-. Mean Dissolved Compounds may be in the form of Calcium chloride (Cacl2), calcium nitrate (Ca (No3) 2), calcium sulfate (Caso4), Magnesium chloride (Mgso4), Magnesium Oxide (Mg (No3) 2), and Magnesium sulfate (Mgso4). Water Containing These Compounds Is Called Hard Water Remains, Because Kesadahannya Can Not Be Removed Only By Means Of Heating. To Release The Water Of Hardness, Should Be Done By Means Of Chemicals, I.e. By Reacting Water With Certain Chemical Substances. Reagents Carbonate Solution Is Used, I.e. The Na2co3 (Aq) Or K2co3 (Aq). The Addition Of Aqueous Carbonate Ions Precipitate Meant For Ca2 + And Mg2 + Or. CaCl2 (Aq) + Na2co3 (Aq) – Caco3 (S) + 2Nacl (Aq) Mg (No3) 2 (Aq) + K2co3 (Aq) – Mgco3 (S) + 2Kno3 (Aq) with the formation of the precipitation Caco3 Mgco3 Or Means The Water has been freed from the Ion Ca2 + or Mg2 + or in other words it has been freed from Water Hardness.

On The Industrial Boiler, The Water Used Must Be Free Of Hardness. Water Hardness Removal Process Is Often Done On Those Industries Is Through Filtering By Using Cation Resin Softener.

Cation Resin Are Substances Natural Or Synthetic Polymers Are One Of Its Functions Is To Bind Cations. Technically, Hard Water Is Passed Through The Filter Tube Containing A Resin Binder Cations, So Expect The Cation Ca2 + And Mg2 + Can Be Tied In The Resin. Thus, The Water Will Be Free Of Hardness.

The Easiest Way To Find Out The Water That The Water You Use Is Always Aware Of Or Are Not Using Soap. When The Water You Use Is Hard Water, The Soap Will Be Difficult, Even If Berbiuh, Berbuihnya A Little Bubbly. Then To Find Out The Type Of Water Hardness Is To Warm Up. If It Turns Out After Warming Up, Fixed Hard Soap Lather, Meaning The Water You Use Is Hard Water Anyway.

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