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Data Logger dengan Modem iCE3FXMerek : Hyquest Solution - Australia Deskripsi umum :iCE3FX telah didesain dan dirancang dengan kompak, dengan kecerdasan untuk membangun sambungan dengan IP ke berbagai perangkat yang menyediakan port RS232. iCES3FX juga dapat digunakan dalam mengelola
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Data Logger dengan Modem iCE3FX

Merek : Hyquest Solution - Australia


Deskripsi umum :

iCE3FX telah didesain dan dirancang dengan kompak, dengan kecerdasan untuk membangun sambungan dengan IP ke berbagai perangkat yang menyediakan port RS232. iCES3FX juga dapat digunakan dalam mengelola permintaan atau jadwal penyambungan baik untuk Publik atau Private IP Network. Salah satu penggunaan perangkat ini dapat digunakan pada sensor curah hujan (Tipping Bucket TB3)

„ Intelligent communications: scheduling and link management.
„ Local IP connection request via an AT command from host device.
„ Remote IP connection request via SMS command.
„ Digital input and analogue input with integral standalone datalogging function. Equipped with 8MB flash memory.
„ FTP transfer of logged data in CSV format to up to two separate FTP hosts (in standalone mode).
„ Optional GPS Logging and Clock Sync.
„ Gateway (store and forward) communications for use with iQuest devices. E.g. to link a wireless IP network to a radio network.
„ SMS text back (current sensor value).
„ Over the Air software and firmware upgrades

Wireless 3G Modem
The iCE3 FX includes a high performance wireless modem. This is a multi-band device that will operate on most 3G and also legacy 2G (GSM) or 2.5G (Edge) networks around the world. This modem enables high-speed data transfer virtually on demand. Configuration options have been included to make the connection scenarios very flexible and also to minimise data traffic.

RS232 Port
One DCE configured RS232 communication port is provided for interfacing with the host device. Specialised cables are available that cater for devices requiring customised handshaking control.

Power Supply
The normal power supply for the iCE3 FX is an external dc supply, 12V supply rechargeable SLA battery. A high efficiency switch mode regulator supplies all on board requirements.

LED Indicators
A blue LED indicates the iCE3 FX general status. A range of conditions may be determined through this LED. Different flash sequences
show the unit and communication status. A red LED shows when the digital input is active.

A high-density DB15F connector is used for the RS232 communications port. The power supply connects via a polarised four pin latched connector. The two hardware inputs are also accessed on the connector. The antenna connects via an industry standard SMA type connector.

A small “stubby“ type antenna may be attached directly to the unit or alternatively, an external higher gain antenna can be connected via a coaxial cable and SMA connector.

Basic Specification
„ Size: 82mm x 63mm x 30mm (3.2in x 2.48in x 1.18in) (LxWxH)
„ Mass: 184g (6.49oz)
„ Power Supply: External 5V – 32V dc supply. Over-voltage and reverse polarity protected with self-resetting fuse.

„ Power Consumption: Average 12mA @ 13.8V in idle mode, 4.5mA in full power save mode. Average 50mA @ 13.8V when on-line. Actual current consumption is dependent on the modem state and relative signal strength (transmit power required). The modem power mode may be scheduled to optimise the power budget.
„ Communications: - Non-isolated DCE RS232 at 1200 – 38400 bps (default 38400 bps) - Wireless modem. IP support includes TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP, FTP.
„ Data Storage: 8 MB flash memory. A typical site 2 parameters logged every 15 minutes plus battery voltage logged hourly will give 10 years of data storage before overwrite occurs.
„ Environmental:
-10ºC to +70ºC (14 ºF to +158 ºF).
-10ºC to +85ºC (14 ºF to +185 ºF)

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