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Compressor Copeland ZR57KSE-TFD-522 5PK

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Compressor Copeland ZR57KSE-TFD-522 (5pk) Model ScrollSpesifikasi Kompresor ACHFC, R-407C, Mid Point,   50 Hz, 3 - Phase, 380/420 V Air ConditioningProduction Status:   Non U.S. model with restricted sales - Contact your Emerson Climate Technologies Representative. &nbs
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Compressor Copeland ZR57KSE-TFD-522 (5pk) Model Scroll

Spesifikasi Kompresor AC

HFC, R-407C, Mid Point,   50 Hz, 3 - Phase, 380/420 V 
Air Conditioning
Production Status:   Non U.S. model with restricted sales - Contact your Emerson Climate Technologies Representative.

                          Performance                                                                  Mechanical
  Evap(°F)/Cond(°F)               45/ 130            45/ 117                Number of Cylinders:         0       Displ (in^3/Rev):          4.71
  RG(°F)/Liq(°F)                  65/ 115            65/ 102                Bore Size (in):              0.0     Displ (ft^3/hr):           474.2687
                                                                            Stroke (in):                 0.0
  Capacity (Btu/hr):              48700              53500
  Power (Watts):                  4450               3740                   Overall Length (in):    9.565        Mounting Length (in):      7.5
  Current (Amps):                 7.8                6.9                    Overall Width (in):     9.565        Mounting Width(in):        7.5
  EER (Btu/Wh):                   10.9               14.3                   Overall Height (in):    16.945       Mounting Height (in):   17.175*
  Mass Flow (lbs/hr):             720.0              735.0
                                                                            Suction Size (in):                   7/8  Stub
  Sound Power(dBA):                     72 Ave   77 Max                     Discharge Size (in):                 1/2  Stub 
  Vibration (mils(peak-peak)):          2.0 Ave   3.0 Max                   Initial Oil Charge (oz):             42
                                                                            Oil Recharge (oz):                   34
  Record Date:                    2006-12-21                                Net Weight (lbs):                    66.0
                                                                            Internal Free Volume (in^3):          
                                                                            HorsePower                           4.75
                                                                          *  Overall compressor height on Copeland Brand Product's specified 
                                                                             mounting grommets.


  LRA-High*:               56.0                 MCC (Amps):                  NA                                UL File No.:           
  LRA-Half Winding:                             RPM:                         2900                              UL File Date:          
  LRA-Low*:                                     Max Operating Current:       11.0                              CSA File No.:          
  RLA(=MCC/1.4; use for contactor selection):   NA
  RLA (=MCC/1.56; use for breaker & wire size selection):   NA
  *Low and High refer to the low and high nominal voltage ranges for which the motor is approved.

                                                        Alternate Applications    

  Refrigerant                     Frequency(Hz)                Phase           Voltage                  Application

  R-407C  HFC                       60                           3             460                      Air Conditioning

Dari Compressor Copeland ZR57KSE-TFD-522 5PK 0