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Auto Dry Box-Cabinet RT-48C EurekaSpecificationsModelRT-48C Auto Dry BoxCapacity46 LitersHumidity Range25 % - 55 %Adjustable Shelf1 Sliding TrayExternal Dimension ( W x H x D )31.2 x 47 x 38.4 cmInternal Dimension ( W x H x D )27.2 x 38.7 x 32.9 cmDoor TypeGlass DoorLock TypeStandardPower Consumptio
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Auto Dry Box-Cabinet RT-48C Eureka



RT-48C Auto Dry Box


46 Liters

Humidity Range

25 % - 55 %

Adjustable Shelf

1 Sliding Tray

External Dimension ( W x H x D )

31.2 x 47 x 38.4 cm

Internal Dimension ( W x H x D )

27.2 x 38.7 x 32.9 cm

Door Type

Glass Door

Lock Type


Power Consumption

4 Watts


German Analog Hygrometer


Photography and Videography

Eureka Dry Tech specializes in moisture control dry cabinet and dry box products, resolving problems related to humidity and moisture damages such as fungus development on optical lenses, oxidation, mold and rust.

Please click on the links below for further details about how Eureka provides protection for optical lens equipment and photo work products.

High Tech Manufacturing and R&D Labs

Trace moisture causes defects and failures. From wafer to IC packaging, PCB or PWB manufacturing materials, or surface mount assembly process, trace moisture will cause serious manufacturing defects and failures. These defects are results from improper storage and handling methods which could have occurred at the supplier, warehouse, shipping or the assembly process. These are especially important concerns for industries where product reliability must be tightly controlled such as automotive, defense, medical devices, aeronautic & aviation industries.

Trace moisture affects High Tech manufacturing from wafer & die banking, IC packaging, PCB, to final assembly. The following describes how moisture affects these areas and how Eureka Dry Tech’s Ultra-Low Humidity Fast Super Dryer solves these problems.

Educational Institutions and Laboratories

Electronic Desiccator with automatic and renewable desiccant by Eureka Dry Tech.

Certain chemicals in laboratories are hygroscopic and will react with moisture from humidity in the ambient environment. Laboratory samples & specimen may also need to be protected from contamination by ambient environment moisture.

Common and traditional methods for moisture control in laboratories are desiccators made with heavy glass. These types of desiccators contain silica desiccant to absorb moisture.The downside to these traditional desiccants is the lack of control of relative humidity levels. Additionally, silica desiccant must be replaced regularly in order to remain effective.

Other desiccator cabinets utilizes desiccants, nitrogen gas purge, or a combination of both desiccant and nitrogen to maintain a controlled environment. These cabinets are costly to purchase and maintain.

Eureka's electronic desiccators utilizes multi-porous molecular sieves, providing renewable and controllable desiccating capabilities. Nitrogen ( N2 ) purging is not necessary for desiccating functions. Eureka's desiccator cabinets are quiet, and consumes minimal electricity. Our electronic desiccator cabinets also comes in various sizes and shapes, allowing storage of large amounts of samples, specimen, chemicals and other moisture sensitive items in the lab.

Moisture Controlled Storage for Hygroscopic/Deliquescent Agents, Standards and Chemical

There are various types of hygroscopic materials in the lab. Any unintended exposure to moisture will affect the purity of the chemical or agent. Accuracy of the measurement will be affected since any moisture absorbed wil add to the weight. Hygroscopic material will tend to become damp and cakey when exposed to moist air. Excessive moistures in polymers will also result in unexpected affect during material processing.

Many different salts are extremely hygroscopic, such as: calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, zinc chloride, potassium carbonate, potassium phosphate, carnallite, ferric ammonium citrate, potassium hydroxide, ferric chloride, and sodium hydroxide.

Polymers used in engineering are also hygroscopic including : nylon, ABS, polycarbonate, cellulose, and Poly ( methyl methacrylate ).

Eureka Dry Tech provides stable storage in ambient temperature environment for all types of chemical materials, agents, and samples in the laboratory. With wide range of sizes & capacity and controllable relative humidity levels to <5 % RH, Eureka Dry Tech has the perfect solution to meet your storage needs. Cabinets with custom features such as nitrogen purge, HEPA filter and windowless for photosensitive materials are also available.

Precision instruments are sensitive to moisture.

Humidity and moisture are present everywhere and can affect research lab instruments such as microscopes and other analytical equipment.


Recent advances such as the fluorescence microscope in microscope technology has provided some of the most precise optical instruments ever seen in the lab. But with all optical instruments, harmful fungus lurks around to cause damage to the lenses.

In regions where humidity is high, fungus build up is common with microscopes lenses. Typically, fungi require relatively high temperature and humidity for optimal growth. However, two strands of the Aspergillus fungus that are adaptable to lower humidity levels are most common causes of lens deterioration.

Modern variety of professional lenses utilized to improve analytical performance, are coated with multi-layer film composed of a polymer material.

This layer of synthetic material provides a wealth of nutrients for fungal growth and reproduction. Optical lens instruments maintained in high humidity areas may unknowingly allow fungus & mold to cultivate.

Once on set, fungi will consume the optical lens surface film and spread on the surface of the lens, interrupting light transmission and image deterioration, until mycelium covers the entire lens.

When ambient temperature is above 10 ℃, humidity above 60 % of the environment, mold begins to cause harmful damage.

When ambient temperature is at 20-35 ℃, humidity at 75-95%, mold growth will become explosive.

Although fungi growth on glass surfaces are not attached by roots and can be wiped off, but residual corrosion marks remain and the original lens performance cannot be recovered and the lens must be replaced. Prevention is the key to effectively avoid fungal damage to optical. Fungal contamination can be minimized by reducing the humidity of the room with costly air conditioning running constantly. Or for the most economical and effective method is to store microscopes in Eureka’s dry cabinet products.

Eureka Dry Tech offer's cabinet in various sizes, shapes and with different desiccating capabilities. If our standard product isn't what you are looking for, we will custom design a cabinet to suit your humidity controlled storage needs.

THz Spectrometers

High ambient humidity content can cause issues can cause severe disruption when research, analysis and development requires the purest test results. Studies have shown that water vapor in the atmosphere can cause attenuation to electromagnetic waves from low frequencies up to 2 terahertz. Atmospheric humidity changes daily with weather, seasons, fog, rain and temperature. Since it is impossible to control mother nature the only solution would be to control the humidity levels where the terahertz signal transmission occurs.

With over 20 year experience in humidity control, Eureka Dry Tech has the capability of custom designing humidity control systems specific to your needs to pair with any terahertz spectrometer systems. Allowing test results to be as pure as possible with minimal atmospheric vapor caused signal attenuation as possible. Contact us today for further details.

Other moisture sensitive items in the lab

Many other instruments and accessories are sensitive to ambient moisture & humidity. Rust, oxidation, condensation, fungus and other issues are constantly attacking costly equipment. Often times, it is too late when these damages are discovered. Why allow these preventable damages to occur? Contact us today for details on how Eureka can help you design a moisture controlled laboratory while providing costly laboratory equipment from invisible moisture attacks.

Eureka's electronic desiccator products will provide:

Ambient temperature dehumidification. Specimens will be protected from qualitative change or condensation damage.

Fully automatic and power-saving ( about $50 NT ( less than $2 USD monthly electricity bill ) with silent operation.

Specimen storage conditions can be maintained with automatic control of specific humidity range while eliminating specimen contamination.

Long-term and stable dehumidification, prevents damages from ambient temperature changes where fluctuation is significant.

Safe and continuous protection even during long-term power outages.

Art and Music

Eureka Dry Tech's dry cabinet, dry box and electronic desiccators are utilized to protect various collectibles and priceless items:

In museums, historical artifacts from with various types of materials from thousands of years.

In Art Centers & Galleries, Painting and sculptures of various types.

Musical instruments, String and woodwind instruments.

In private collections, coins, stamps, sports cards & memorabilia, hats, guns, knives, vinyl albums, reel tapes and various antiques, etc.

Government and Enterprise

In government agencies and corporate enterprises, there are four major types of records maintained : administrative, fiscal, legal, and historical.

Whether it's governmental archives such as :

Household registration

Presidential diaries

Annual reports

Birth and death records

Selected correspondence

Hearing transcripts

Meeting minutes


Or corporate enterprise archives, maintaining historic documents and records related to company history and administration such as :

Employee records

Business transactions

Bill of Sales


All of the above records must be archived. Records maintained/housed in complex large-scale environments can present moisture damage, water logging and environmental control problems. Eureka's products can effectively solve all the moisture problems.

From Eureka's Auto Dry Boxes to customized large space services, we provide a full range of functionality, size and service.

Large equipment, specialty instrument and machinery moisture control storage service

Large scale document archives with easy access and filing .

Priceless artifacts or collectibles with special environmental needs.

Military and Law Enforcement

Court Case Evidence

The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology ( NIST ) and National Institute of Justice ( NIJ ) recommends that evidence, such as sexual kits, biological evidence, etc., should be stored in a temperature- and humidity-controlled facility at 60% RH or lower.

Furthermore, the NIST and NIJ provided additional guidelines on how to properly dry wet evidence.

All of Eureka's dry cabinets utilizes multi-sieve desiccant technology in moisture absorption and humidity control. Eureka Auto Dry Box series dry cabinet, dry box, dry chamber products provides the best methods in drying evidence and maintaining integrity without introducing other contaminants. Eliminating one of many evidence "chain-of-custody" issues in any criminal case prosecution.

Eureka's moisture control services will also provide you with long term storage options for maintaining deposition records, video, film, voice recordings, post-prosecution evidence storage and archiving in cases with lengthy appeals where integrity of evidence preservation will be required.

Firearms/Ammunition/Explosives/Military Storage


Firearms, ammunition, and explosives requires storage in optimal environments. When stored in a less than ideal location, humidity will be the biggest natural enemy causing serious safety consequences.

Excess moisture will cause firearms to become rusty, stock warp, mold/fungus growth and/or condensation inside rifle scopes, cause parts to stick together or cause a potential misfire. Moisture control in your gun safe or armory should be one of your top priorities as a gun owner.

Unlike heating rods that force hot, moist air into the top of the safe, our Eureka units will absorb and remove moisture while maintain corrosion and rust free environment during storage. Whether you want to display your firearms, secure it in a lockable safe, or if you have a large armory, Eureka will provide you with moisture free solutions in any shape and sizes suitable for your storage needs.

The concern with long term storage of ammunition storage is the corrosion on the shell casings. Corrosion comes from excessive moisture reacting with the brass casing or the primer making the round dangerous to fire. The key to successful storage is to avoid moisture damage.

The United States Department of Defense stores ammunition in environmentally controlled warehouses for decades. Maintain your own ammunition by ensuring the humidity surrounding the ammo is at a minimum with Eureka's moisture control products.

Dehumidifier may be useful, however, it is unlikely to fit inside a gun safe to protect your weapons. Desiccant packets are considerable options, however, when the packets are left unattended with the ammo to soak up moisture, it could end up causing more harm than good.

Eureka will provide you with fully automatic, moisture controlled storage for all of your weapons, firearms, and accessories. Eliminating constant maintenance and provide worry free storage for your armory.


Any moisture presence in explosives is highly undesirable since it reduces the sensitivity, strength, and velocity of detonation of the explosive.

Moisture affects explosives adversely by acting as an inert material that absorbs heat when vaporized. By acting as a solvent medium, it can, and will cause undesired chemical reactions. Sensitivity, strength, and velocity of detonation are effected by inert materials that reduce the continuity of the explosive mass.

Explosives are reacts considerably different from one another as to the presence of water.

Explosives based on ammonium nitrate have little or no water resistance due to the reaction between ammonium nitrate and water, which liberates ammonia, nitrogen dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. In addition, ammonium nitrate is hygroscopic, susceptible to moisture absorption, causing the above concerns.

Powder explosives are also extremely sensitive to humidity. Depending on its chemical nature, relative humidity in storage environment will affect the moisture content of powders and will inhibit or promote the explosives ignitability and explosion strength. These undesirable influences are sometimes very strong and lead to explosion risks higher than for the dry powder.

Eureka's humidity control cabinets will provide optimal environments to maintain integrity and desired effects of explosive material.

Military Application

Military agencies all over the world owns the most complicated and sensitive technology. These technology requires strict control environment in development, manufacturing and storage to maintain its reliability and performance. Without proper moisture control, field reliability will become an issue causing serious catastrophe. Military grade weaponry and devices costs large sums of tax dollars for the government to develop, purchase, or maintain each year. All for the protection its citizens. But what is protecting these technology from the invisible enemy floating in the air? Eureka's products has provided millions of users moisture protection and proven its capability in providing moisture damage protection for these sensitive equipment and devices.

Home and Living

Mold is a fungus that thrives in environments of 60% RH or higher.

Mold is a fungus that thrives in environments of 60% RH or higher. Fungus organisms can attach to clothes and is stubbornly difficult to remove. Even if the surface is clean, mold spores will be waiting in the wings for the right conditions to develop.

The fungus visible to the naked eye will not necessary erode your precious clothing. It is the mold floating in the air that people should be concerned of. These spores not only will release allergens, trigger allergies, asthma, and some highly toxic mold, but it will cause serious lung disease, and even death.

Recently, the Taiwan Association of Asthma Health Education published a research indicating that 31% of patients with allergic asthma are allergic to mold. Another report made by Taichung Zhongshan School of Medicine also found that, up to 67.8% of patients with allergic rhinitis at least one type of mold is responsible for allergic reaction. Hot and humid climates are ideal for fungal blooms.

What are your options to prevent mold and fungus in your living environment?

Household items :

Things such as cameras, consumer electronics, food, medication, and many other valuables, shall be maintained in a protective environment against humidity. However, refrigeration will actually cause humidification of a range of items such as dry goods and medicine. The good news is that, refrigeration is not your only option against moisture damage.

Eureka’s auto dry cabinets and chambers can keep all of your household items safe and dry. Thus, eliminating chances of mold and mildew infestation and enhances your overall living quality and health.

Clothing / shoes / leather / bags /accessories :

Your clothing, shoes, leather, bags, and other accessories may have cost a fortune to accumulate over time and some of those items may no longer be available for purchase. Some clothing may be priceless because of the sentimental values attached. (Such as a wedding dress or other articles that accompanied you through some important life events.)

No matter what the value is, no one is willing to let these precious and beloved clothing go to mold, spotting, pests and dust mites infestation causing irreparable damages and destructions. The typical methods in moisture damage prevention are storage in an average consumer armoire closet / shoe cabinet, dehumidifier / air conditioner, and moisture absorbtion. Here is a comparison chart between Eureka's solution versus these typical methods.

3D Printing Filament Storage Dry Cabinet

Filament polymers are known to absorb moisture and will affect the quality of your print. Whether you use Nylon, PVA, PETT, PLA, PC or ABS or other exotic material filaments, keeping these filaments dry in a humidity controlled "dry filament storage" is one main element to a beautiful & successful print.

Eureka Dry Tech has nearly 30 years in providing humidity & moisture control solutions with dry cabinet, dry box, & desiccator products and we are proud to introduce our newest :

ADL-3D773D Printing Series Filament Dry Cabinet

Eureka Dry Tech's Filament Storage Dry Cabinet features :

Low humidity environment suitable for storing various types of filament material.

Four filament feed ports supporting up to 3mm filaments allows direct printing of dry filament from the cabinet while in humidity controlled storage.

Adjustable hanging rod will allow hanging of dry filament spools up to 33 cm in diameter.

Air tight cabinet will prevent moisture and dust from contaminating your printed project.

Low energy consumption ( 13 W Avg., 100 W Max ).

Convenient design with no consumable parts nor desiccants to replace, no water tanks to empty.

Powerful molecular sieves desiccants keeps filament dry without heat to weaken filament tensile strength.

Benefits of Eureka Dry Tech's Filament Dry Cabinet :

Eureka Dry Tech’s 3D Printing Series Filament Dry Cabinet is the perfect dehumidifying/dry storage solution for 3D printing filament materials. Our automatic humidity control systems will provide a quick and simple way to store filament spools without hassle. Simply set the desired humidity level, store the spools of filament in the dry storage cabinet and the dehumidifier "core unit" will take care of the rest. Filaments will stay completely dry & dust free, easily accessible, perfectly identifiable and ready to be used anytime you need them for a print.

Dry Box Camera